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Recycle Print Cartridges and Toner Signs

Reinforce your e-Waste recycling program with clear reminder signs. Printer and toner symbols on toners and print cartridge recycling signs make it easy to spot proper recycling bins. Cartridges can then be reused or recycled safely.

• Laminated signs outlast abuse.

• Other materials include durable aluminum (made from recycled aluminum) and compostible plastic.

• Designs are also available in a label. Labels include a high bond adhesive designed for plastics.

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Recycle Ink Cartridges Label with Recycle Graphic
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Printer Cartridges Recycling Labels
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3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Recycle Toner And Print Cartridges Think Green Sign
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7"x10" to 12"x18"