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Recycle Label: Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Tin Only (With Recycling Symbol) (LB-2034) Learn More...

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Part# LB-2034
Colors Black and Green
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Placing separate containers for different waste products in your facility is not enough; labeling each container is equally important. Use a 'Plastic - Glass - Aluminum - Tin Only' Recycle Label. A Recycle Label is an effective tool in your waste management program.

  • UV-resistant, weatherproof over laminate protects the label against moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion, and fading.
  • Vinyl labels have an adhesive backing, allowing you to apply them on almost any surface.
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  • 3" x 10"
  • Adhesive Signs and Labels
  • Laminated Labels (Pack of 5)
Laminated Labels (Pack of 5)
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Lasts 5+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. 140ºF Oct 19
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  • Laminated for durability.
  • 4 mil thick plastic with aggressive adhesive.
  • Glossy finish is easy to clean.
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Size:3" x 10"
Material:Laminated Labels (Pack of 5)
5 Labels/Pack
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