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Garbage Signs

The phrase "garbage in, garbage out" will never apply to our amazing Garbage Sign Collection. We have the most optimal quality demarcators for any disposable material. You will definitely want to take advantage of our bargains, with prices as low as $2.95 on some of our labels!
  • • Start with our Garbage Can labels. They are made with SlipSafe Anti-Skid Material to prevent any slipping or wrinkling.
  • • Choose from an assortment of other garbage-related signs, such as No Littering, Keep It Clean, etc.
  • • Our signs are durable aluminum with bright graphics for longevity and easy viewing. In addition, we offer customizable options if our slogans don't fit your criteria.
  • • Scroll over our signs or consult with our Live Support Staff.
Custom Recycling Signs
Order your design as durable and professionally printed recycling signs and labels from us.
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Garbage Signs

Use our high-quality signs and labels to identify garbage bins and indicate their intended use. Many shapes and sizes are available, including bilingual and custom options.
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Trash Only
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Please Garbage Only
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Non Recyclable Garbage Only (With Recycle Symbol)
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Household Garbage Only - No Personal Items, Furniture Or Electronics
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Trash Only Basura Solamente
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Please Deposit All Rubbish In Receptacles Provided
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
our bestseller
Pitch In! Put Trash In Its Place (with graphic)
7"x10" to 12"x18"
Pitch In! (with graphic)
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Household Garbage Only
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Garbage Only - No Recyclables
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Place All Trash In The Proper Container
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
Please Do Not Litter, Por Favor No Bote Basura (with No Littering Graphic)
Don't Be A Litter Bug, Help Keep Your Community Clean!
Please Use A Trash Can
Pitch In (waste can symbol)
It's Here For A Reason
Municipal Waste
No Garbage
Residual Waste

Designer Garbage Signs

Convey your no-littering request with an edge of elegance! Get a designer sign that complements your architecture. Add your property name in only a few steps.
Don't Be a Litterbug, Help Keep [your community / school] Clean
Please Don't Be A Litterbug, Help Keep Your Property Name Clean (with Graphic)

Garbage Can Floor Sign Kit

Convenient sign and label kits to ensure the proper use of garbage cans. Select the can number from 1-10 for your anti-slip floor sign designed to grab attention.
Choose Garbage Can Number, Garbage Can 1 to 10

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Mar 22, 2023

Trash Litter Sign : Trash Only
Part #:S-4283 10" x 14" Reflective Adhesive Signs and Labels   Verified Purchase

Got it quick!

Well made and the price is right!
Man User Icon
Jul 14, 2022

Trash Litter Sign : Trash Only
Part #:S-4283 7" x 10" Adhesive Polyester Labels   Verified Purchase

Just What We Needed

Easy to use and just what we needed.
Man User Icon
Nov 09, 2021

Trash Litter Sign : Trash Only
Part #:S-4283 12" x 18" Aluminum (Recycled) Sign   Verified Purchase

Trash sign

good looking sign, good value
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Jan 25, 2021

Recycle Sign : Household Garbage Only - No...
Part #:S-9046 12" x 18" Aluminum (Recycled) Sign   Verified Purchase

Great size & color

Great size and color.
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Aug 10, 2020

No Littering Sign : Don't Be A Litter Bug, Help Keep...
Part #:K-0809 18" x 12" Heavy-Duty Aluminum Sign, 63 mil   Verified Purchase

i recommend this product

Good quality product to withstand the outside environment. Also, cute