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Cans-Bottles, Plastic-Paper Recycle Label

Recycle Label: Cans-Bottles, Plastic-Paper (With Recycling Symbol)

Header Recycle Label
Legend Cans-Bottles, Plastic-Paper (With Recycling Symbol)
Part# LB-2030
Colors Black and Green
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Avoid accidents and dangerous situations - prevention starts with reminding everyone to be careful of their surroundings. Use a 'Cans-Bottles, Plastic-Paper' Recycling Label to keep recycling products separated.

• Recycle labels are laminated for durability.

• Thick vinyl provides tear-proof strength to the labels.

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Pack)
  arrowfirst Adhesive Signs and Labels
  3" x 10"
Material Features:
  • Laminated for durability.
  • 4 mil thick plastic with aggressive adhesive.
  • Glossy finish is easy to clean.
More Material Details
Mouse over icons for more details:
Lasts 5+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. 140ºF
Package: 5 Labels/Pack
Total: 1  Pack  $21.11
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