Put Litter in Its Right Place: Design and Print Free Color-Coded Stickers

| May 12, 2017

Cities may have made recycling convenient by providing blue bins that accept all kinds of recyclables. But single stream recycling isn’t the ideal solution for the problem of recyclable waste.

Recycling bin with sticker

Single-stream recycling has increased participation in recycling programs, but made for more contaminated recyclables. Contaminated recyclables fetch low prices or are rejected outright when sold to third parties.

According to an NPR report, out of the recyclables collected through single-stream recycling, a quarter goes to the dump, including about 40% of glass collected.

Segregating waste is a much more effective way to recycle. This ensures that trash not only reaches the recycling center but ends up being recycled.

What you can do

If you’re in charge of recycling in your neighborhood, school, or office, encourage people to separate waste into different bins that are clearly marked. Color-coded recycling stickers are the quickest way to tell garbage from recyclables.

color coded recycle stickers

Assign a different color to bins for paper, plastic, commingled waste, refundable waste.

Our color-coded recycling stickers are easy to understand, and makes recycling easy! And the adhesive used on the stickers conforms to the FDA requirements for indirect food contact.

We also offer free custom stickers that you can print on your inkjet or laser printer. Design your sticker using our online wizard. Add your company name and logo, put your choice of text and you’re good to go!

Don’t stop there

Educating your customers and employees also helps. Prevent mixing of recyclable materials with non-recyclable ones. For example, don’t mix PVC (#3 plastic) with PET (#1 plastic) and HDPE (#2 plastic.)

Encourage people to call up local collection center to understand what can and cannot go into the recycling bin.

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