Reclaimed Water Tags: Sustainability with Caution

| June 8, 2017

The level of treatment of reclaimed water and the resulting water quality may vary depending on the intended use. As such, cities respond appropriately to prevent mixing this water with potable water lines.

Almost all cities across the country mark reclaimed water pipelines and valves with purple (Pantone 512 or 522) to identify and distinguish them from other lines (drinking water, gray water, sewage, etc.) The color coding as set by the American Public Works Association (APWA) and state regulators is generally uniform across the country, with a few variations.

The EPA also recommends purple asset identification tags to attach to valve box lids, valve handles, backflow preventers, etc.—all above-ground facilities that are exposed. State and local regulations usually require that these be painted purple or have purple tags and labels as identifiers.

Depending on your jurisdiction, if you’ve recently switched to reclaimed water on your property, you might not need to replace existing pipes but you will have to mark aboveground facilities like control boxes and valves with purple paint or labels and tags, as well as marking existing pipes when they become exposed.

If you’re looking to buy these tags for your property, remember to check your local laws as Reclaimed Water Valve Tags must meet certain requirements. Most tags will have a warning text in English and Spanish. For example, “WARNING – RECYCLED WATER DO NOT DRINK” on one side and “AVISO – AGUA IMPURA NO TOMAR” on the other. Universally, these tags will feature the drinking glass and a slash symbol.

Reclaimed water tags should be robust enough to survive extreme weather. Most cities favor weatherproof plastic tags for their durability. They should be tied to water system components like valve stems, solenoid wires and accessories with a plastic tie.

Our reclaimed water tags are available in three plastic variants with a metal eyelet or grommet to securely fasten tags to valves. We also offer tags to identify potable water lines and gray water pipes.

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