Cool off on National Ceiling Fan Day

| September 18, 2013

Get ready for a breezy celebration: September 18th marks the first annual National Ceiling Fan Day.

Yes, we’re serious.

Perhaps you won’t be too surprised to learn that National Ceiling Fan Day was founded by ceiling fan manufacturing company, Fanimation.

So perhaps it’s not an entirely altruistic venture, but we still think these underrated contraptions deserve a bit of time in the spotlight.

national ceiling fan day

Another point in in favor of ceiling fans? They can look much prettier than air conditioning units. From Brian Snelson.

Why should we celebrate ceiling fans?

  • They’re good for the environment. Ceiling fans consume far less electricity than air conditioning. “Many ceiling fans consume as few as 30 watts of electricity, while AC systems can use upwards of 5,000 watts when used for the same amount of time,” reports Bloomer Advance.
  • They’re great for your wallet. As you’d expect, less electricity means less money. “Operating a fan can cost as little as $1 per month,” according to Bloomer Advance. With many AC systems racking up 100 times that, ceiling fans are in a thrifty league of their own.
  • They improve comfort. Pleasant white noise? Check. Softly flowing breezes? Check.

    national ceiling fan day

    Ceiling fans can be just as useful in the winter. Who knew? From HomeSpot HQ.

  • They aren’t weather dependent. Ever have a day where it’s so hot you want to throw open the windows — but all you get is stale, hot air coming in? A ceiling fan fixes that.
  • You can use them in winter. Did you know that you can reverse a ceiling fan’s direction in winter to pull warmer air from the ceiling down throughout the room? Warm air gets trapped on the ceiling, and unless you’re Spiderman, you’re not taking advantage of that warm air. Reversing your ceiling fan allows you to turn the thermostat down a few notches and “reclaim” that warmer air.
  • They can even save lives. Parents Magazine reports that using ceiling fans in a baby’s room can help protect against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

And how can you celebrate National Ceiling Fan Day? Fanimation urges everyone to embrace ceiling fans on September 18th. Turn off the air conditioning.  If you live in a cooler region, consider using your ceiling fans on reverse instead of heat. Enjoy the comfort — and the savings.

Make sure to look for an Energy Star-certified ceiling fan for extra efficiency.

Bloomer Advance reports that “if every American participates in National Ceiling Fan Day by turning off their AC and using fans for their cooling needs, the United States will save enough energy to power the entire city of New York for months.

Need to stock up on a ceiling fan or two for the big day? Keep an eye out for sales from participating retailers.

We love a holiday — especially when it’s a holiday when we can think green!

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