Help Protect Marine Life with “No Dumping” Signage

| April 26, 2017

Did you know that 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die of marine debris each year? Anything washed or dumped down the drain can ultimately end up polluting local waterways and oceans they connect to, harming aquatic life. It can be anything: cigarette butts flushed down the toilet bowl, runoff from an over-fertilized lawn, a car’s oil leak, or yard waste.


Storm drains: direct paths to the ocean
Storm drains, usually found at the curbside, collect and transport stormwater off streets. As stormwater flows it picks up pesticides, fertilizers, dirt, litter, soil, grease, oil, and pet waste. People often illegally dispose of paints, motor oil, antifreeze, and other pollutants in these drains.
Unlike sewage and wastewater, stormwater is not usually treated and drains into the nearest creek, stream, or river, and can negatively impact water quality hundreds of miles away from its source.

Use signs to increase awareness

Marking sidewalk storm drains with signs like “No Dumping Drains to Ocean” reminds people that their littering has consequences for the environment.

Local governments already place these signs at curbside. But these signs can help anyone who wants to tackle the problem of drain pollution in their neighborhood. Whether you’re a business owner, a nonprofit, or a concerned citizen, our signs and stencils can help.

Our line of No Dumping Stencils is reusable and isn’t affected by high winds or temperature. You can also design your own sign using our custom templates!

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