Don’t Let Fluorescent Lights Fade Away in Landfills

| March 16, 2017

About 620 million fluorescent bulbs are discarded every year. When broken and discarded, they release toxic mercury into the environment. In the United States alone, discarded bulbs release between two and four tons of mercury every year.


Toxic mercury vapors from broken bulbs can enter the bloodstream through lungs. Mercury from broken bulbs and tubes can also be washed by rainwater and enter waterways.

Mercury lamps and bulbs should always be recycled, and should never be mixed with other waste. All the components of a spent fluorescent bulb or tube—glass, metals, internal coating, mercury—can be reused.

Fluorescent Tubes Recycling Sticker

Even fluorescent ballasts are considered universal waste materials in some states like Maine, Maryland, and Vermont. It is best to recycle them rather than trash them.

Our Light Bulb Recycling Labels and Stickers help you go green, ensuring that spent fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, ballasts, capacitors, or compact fluorescent LEDs get recycled the right way.

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