Bonnaroo music festival aims for sustainability

| June 17, 2014

Held over four days in June, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival attracts up to 100,000 revelers to Manchester Tennessee each year. That many music fans in one place can generate a whole lot of garbage.

That’s why Bonnaroo organizers are making a concerted effort to promote sustainability at this year’s festival. In order to cut down on the tens of thousands of disposable beverage containers that are discarded at each year’s fest, they’re going to try to steer attendees toward reusable cups.


Bonnaroo strives for sustainability each year. From Lauren.

Organizers will provide two options: One is a $5 “Refill Revolution” water bottle with a carabineer clip. There are free water wells throughout the festival, so concertgoers can keep filling up as much as they want. The other option is a $15 stainless steel, Bonnaroo-themed pint cup.

The price sounds steep, until you find out that your initial purchase comes with a full pint of frosty cold beer—and you’ll receive a $1 discount on all future beer purchases at the festival if you keep using your cup. The cup also comes with an insulated “scuba foam” carrying strap to keep beverages cold and free up your hands for waving them in the air.

All told, there will be more than 20,000 reusable cups available.

This isn’t the first time the Bonnaroo festival has demonstrated a major commitment to the environment. They have an employee, Laura Sohn, who is completely devoted to the festival’s sustainability. Last year, the festival diverted more than 366 tons of waste away from landfills.

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