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Part# TG-0924
Size 2.5" x 2" (H x W)
Color Purple
Package 1 Tag
Material Sealed 30 mil Plastic Micro Tag, Grommet [SH-MTG30]

Non Potable Water Tag 

Recycled Reclaimed Water Do Not Drink, Aviso No Tomar

Package : 1 Tag • Price per Tag
Minimum Qty. 5 • Order in Multiples of 1 Tag
5 16 32
$2.12 $1.74 $1.24
Quantity :
Price per Tag:
You Save:
Product Description
Recycled water is good for the environment but bad for the body! Use this Double-Sided Micro Bilingual Tag to warn people that Recycled/Reclaimed Water should not be consumed.

• Thick, thermally laminated plastic provides exceptional protection on both sides of the tag.

• Tag is tear-proof, weatherproof, and resistant to chemical, dirt, grease, water, and rough handling.

• Sealed plastic grommet prevents tearing of tags from the point of attachment.

• Manufactured from high quality materials, tag withstands a multitude of weather and factory conditions.

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