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The destruction of rain forests, global warming, acid rain, overrun landfills ... these problems can seem immense. But, the solutions can be very local. Take a few small steps and get a sense of control back!
This is where our labels and signs can help. Many of us want to recycle. But, we may need a friendly reminder. Labels not only provide a handy reinforcement and some on-the-spot training. It is no longer enough to just discard all paper into a simple container. Old corrugated boxes, newspapers, magazines, and office paper can be segregated. A durable sign points the way.
Growing up in Northern Vermont, recycling was always part of our life. Yet, now, the urgency to recycle has never been greater and this has been my impetus for this site. Let’s make it easy for everyone to recycle correctly. Here are some of my favorite tips for being green:
Sarah’s Green Tips

Segregate Your Recycled Materials. Find a label that clearly shows which container to use for each type of waste – cardboard, computer paper, aluminum, plastic bags, etc.

Create Your Own Designs. We make it easy to customize a recycle label. Kick off a campaign at your school or company with a personalized design. It is just $59 to order 50 custom recycle stickers. Get everyone involved.

Buy Recycled Materials.We offer a line of products made from recycled tires. This has been a big hit. We will soon announce a new line of tags and labels made from recycled material.

Turn Off the Lights. Our line of signs and labels provide a reminder to turn off the lights and be careful not to waste water. Or, keep contaminates out of sewers that drain to the ocean or natural bodies of water

Don't Contaminate the Recycling. Keep batteries and heavy metals out of the landfills.

I have always felt strongly about recycling and am particularly proud of our site. We are constantly adding new designs. Please suggest others. What started as a passion for the environment has become the webs & widest assortment of recycling labels and signs.

Let’s make it easy to be green!

Sarah Weatherly
     Recycle Reminders

Sarah Weatherly