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Yellow Recycled Rubber Sign Base Square Post Hole
Part# K-2781
Size 14" high x 18" dia. Yellow Base with 1-3/4" Hole for Square Post
Package 1 Rubber Base
Material Recycled Rubber Sign Base with Square Post Hole [RF-RSB-SQ]
Contents Recycled Rubber Tire Sign Base. Post not included.
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  • Heavy, yet easy to roll into place. Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Recycled Rubber Sign Base - Yellow 

Coned shaped Sign Base with Square 1-3/4" Post Hole - 18" D X 14" H - Safety Yellow

Made in USA - 100% recycled Rubber
Package : 1 Rubber Base • Price per Rubber Base
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Rubber Base
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Quantity :
   Rubber Base
Product Description
The recycled rubber sign base lets your customers, employees and visitors know that you are just as concerned with their safety as your are with the environment!

• Attractive and durable, this sign base is ideal for parking lots, parking garages, crosswalks, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, plazas, universities, hospitals, airports, construction sites, government facilities and many more.

• Use it anywhere portable or a semi-permanent signage is needed – such as entrances, crosswalks, intersections, corporate facilities, and events

• Base weighs 73 lbs, but it's still easy to install and move - just tip and roll.

• Ideal for displaying signs where a post cannot be permanently mounted in the ground or where temporary signage is needed.

• Made of all weather 100% Post Consumer Recycled Tire Rubber.

• Supports signs up to 24 inch diameter.

• Comes in Safety Yellow to enhance visibility.

• Compatible with our 5' ft Tall - Square Perforated Steel Post.

Material Features Show Specifications
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Size:   18" x 13" x 6"
Part#:  K-7371
Min. Order: 1  Sign Base Mover
Total Cost: 
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Size:   23" Wide x 6" Tall
Part#:  K-9675
Min. Order: 1  Rubber Base
Total Cost: