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Bilingual Recycle Signs
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Bilingual Recycle Signs & Labels

Recycling doesn't speak one language, so neither should your signs. Durable vinyl labels stick on easily to recycling or trash bins, making sorting a breeze. Bilingual Recycle Stickers and Signs ensure that everyone understands your message and follows your lead to go green. Leave no excuse for not recycling by posting our signs and labels for all to see.

• Choose from signs or labels. Aluminum Signs will never rust, while labels are lightweight and have an adhesive backing. Both are great for recycling rooms or areas.

• Perfect for factories, offices or schools, bilingual labels make it easy to separate and sort the recycles. Let everyone know where to put their item correctly, so that recycling will be simple.

• Signs and labels are an easy and cost-efficient way to help the planet. Recycling saves resources and conserves energy.

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Trash Only Bilingual Recycling Label

Bilingual Recycling Label
Trash Only - Basura Solamente
Size  :   3"x10" to 6"x18"
Part#  :   LB-1612
Package  :   1 Label
Available in many sizes and materials
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